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music tour

With unique business ideas and the
passionate people behind.

Our expertise is our guide to create and operate
a memorable music tour for your ensemble!

The keys of prime importance for us for a successful music performance that are included in our duties and tasks are :

  • Site inspection of the venues prior performances
  • Rental of equipment like stage
  • Rental of equipment like piano
  • Take over the sound and light arrangements
  • Arrange rehearsals if necessary
  • The promotion and advertisement of the performances (social media, live promotion with posters, listing the event in music site portals, contact music associations e.t.c.)
  • We commit to the right enthusiastic audience for your performances, based on our rich and reliable database.

Perfoming a joint concert with a local ensemble is the highlight of a music tour therefore we strongly propose this to all groups

Coordinating every single concert by our experienced personnel is a key element of the tour so as to run smoothly and successfully the performances!

Our clients, who trusted the harmony of our services can speak about the melody of our tours !

We are really passionate about taking care of these music tour procedures.
We feel like contributing a little bit ourselves to the materialization of your group’s music dream !

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